Top 5 Benefits of a Massage Gun

Top 5 Benefits of a Massage Gun

Massage guns are the more recent innovative tools in the active industry since its invention in 2008. It is dubbed as the most popular muscle recovery tool.
A massage gun works through vibration and percussive therapy which has similar effects with a deep massage gun that provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body's muscle. It can be applied on any part of the body conveniently anytime, anywhere. Massage guns have helped people, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or someone who just loves a good massage, manage their physical health.
What exactly can you get out of it?

1. Body Recovery and Rehabilitation

Percussive massage from a massage gun is a great post-workout routine as it relieves stress and tension from the body and shorten the muscle recovery time. In addition to the recovery benefits of massage guns, it also prevents re-injury through encouraging healing of muscles due to trauma or disease.

2. Pain Relief

Massage guns help in delaying onset of muscle soreness, which helps the muscle less likely to experience tightness and soreness after an intense workout or physical activity. Massage guns also promotes release of lactic acid, a compound that builds up when your muscles are deprived of oxygen during a workout. The massage gun releases that lactic acid from the muscles to the surrounding tissue thus reducing risk of muscle soreness.

3. Weight Loss

Vibration from the percussive massage with a massage gun increases metabolism rate that results in more calories burned. With the massage gun, overweight people can reduce stored fat and unwanted body weight. Achieving the desirable body weight reduces risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Improving Blood and Lymph Circulation

The vibrations from the massage gun provide deep tissue massage that helps improve blood and lymph circulation around the body. It triggers more production of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles which results in a speedy recovery, improved range of motion, and relieving muscle fatigue.

5. Overall Wellness

In addition to all the benefits previously mentioned, massage guns increase overall body mobility through lengthening and strengthening of the muscles, improve sleep and immunity. Percussive massage therapies also help boost mood and self-esteem which can be a great help to people with depression and anxiety, and stress-related insomnias.
A massage gun is proven to be a great hack to successfully aid the body in workouts and strenuous activities and managing overall stress. It can be a handy tool in preventing chronic diseases and painful injuries through percussive massage therapy.

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