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The Best Gun Massager 2020

As we all know, there are lots of massager guns released nowadays.
We can’t deny the fact that almost all massager guns give the same benefits. Forums are popping out everywhere, which massager is better? which one is stronger? etc.
To further understand which is the right massager for you, especially to those first-time buyers who can’t decide which one to buy, we have gathered and researched customers’ feedback to each massager.
Below are the 3 top features customers are looking for in a gun massager:
1. Speed
Normally before, customers don’t mind the number of speeds a massager gun has. But as years passed by, a lot of manufacturers and companies made new improved versions of their massagers, and one of them is the SPEED options. Some customers will go for a massager who can provide a lot of options when it comes to speed. If you are an athletic person, you know what I am referring to, right? But according to research and some companies we have interviewed, speed matters only most likely to men and fitness pro.
2. Design
You might be asking why does design matter? Well, we are not just referring to the physical appearance/design of the product. Customers are not just buying on how it looks like, but we are also referring to the weight of the gun massager. Other customers are looking for something heavy because they believe that its stronger than those light massagers. They said, “the heavier the massager is, the stronger the pressure is”. On the other hand, customers still love to buy lighter massager. According to Sydney, one of the customers of HappyGun Massager, she wants to have a lighter massager so she can easily bring them wherever she goes, especially to the gym.
3. Noise
Yes! I know what you are thinking! Why is this a factor? We will just simply ask you, can you bare a massager who keeps on buzzing your ears? That’s one of the reasons why other companies get 1 star from a customer. According to a CEO/Owner of a certain massager company, a customer once left a review saying “Your massager sucks! I think I have to use a megaphone while talking to my gym mate”. This is one of the features developed and improved by a lot of manufacturers. They lessen the noise produce by the massager every time it is turned on.
There are still lots of factors that need to be considered but those are the top 3 most popular reasons we have seen on the customer review. If you are planning to buy now, below are some products we highly recommend:
1. Hyperice Hypervolt
Price: $299.00 $350.00
You may check the full details on their website: link
2. Ekrin B37
Price: $299.00
You may check the full details on their website: link
3. LifePro Pulse FX
Price: $299.00 $349.99
You may check the full details on their website: link
4. Theragun G3
Price: $349.00 $399.99
You may check the full details on their website: link

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