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How To Self Care During This Pandemic Using A Massage Gun

How to Self-Care During Pandemic


Why do we need to take care of ourselves?

If we want to live happy and healthy lives then taking care of ourselves is an absolute must. In my own opinion taking care of yourself is like taking care of your loved ones too, because how you can take care of them if you are sick?


The question is HOW? Do you want to know? Continue reading.


There is a lot of self-care. One of them is Physical Self-care. Yes I know, pandemic means a limited budget for many of us, Limited resources, and limited transportation. This pandemic hit us very hard. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself. There is a lot of ways to take care of our self.


Here are some examples


Physical self-care is a process of maintaining your physical appearance attractive to other people by strengthening your physical ability and endurance for you to do things effectively. It might be through the way you sleep, your diet, medication or exercise that can boost your resistance and helps you to do things efficiently. Make your body fit and healthy by doing basic routines like sleeping in the right time, doing exercise and eating healthy foods.



First of course stay safe

To make yourself free from virus always wear and prepare necessary things when you go outside like wearing mask and face shield, have an alcohol to your pocket. Ensuring your health is the best key to fight against diseases and virus. Don’t go outside when it is not necessary. Make a habit to clean your house or your workplace. Follow safety rules outside the house like social distancing or don’t bring kids outside because they are more immune in virus compare to us.

Next is to hydrate yourself

It is advantage that we are in our house because we can get enough water daily. How much do you need to drink? According to the study we should drink at least 8 ounce glasses of water daily to increase our metabolism, put away the toxic waste in our body and helps our blood regulate properly. You don’t need to take it all in just a minute instead make a habit of drinking water when you wake up, before and after meal or anytime you have free time than drinking juices and soft drinks that will make you unhealthy.

Then extra cautious

Due to our situation today we should always be aware and updated to everything. Why? Maybe your target place to go is one of the contaminated places where virus begun so there will be a great chance that you can get the virus. How can you listen despite of busy schedule? Put a radio beside you while you are washing dishes or turn on your television when you wake up and watch it while brushing your teeth or preparing yourself. This will be a great help to us, especially to those workers because they can also be aware in weather forecast and traffic update.


Eat healthy food. 

Staying at home and nothing to do but watch a movie on Netflix? While having some junk food and beer? That’s would feel amazing. If you will do it at least twice amount well, pretty good, but doing that every day is big No. Staying at home doesn’t mean we can eat all the food we want, we still need to look at what we are eating. In that way, you will avoid some diseases and make yourself healthy. Try to eat fruit and vegetable everyday if possible, or have a balanced diet is a big help for a healthy body.


Exercise at least 30 minutes twice a week

Are you bored in your house? Try to look or watch on YouTube about 30 minutes exercises for beginners for you to have a guide on how to properly execute some exercises. It is to avoid some fracture or accident while doing it. This will help you to keep yourself healthy and free from any kind of diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease since we have nothing to do in our house except from eating.

Sleep at least 6 hours a day

Don’t waste your time in gadgets instead spent it on sleeping. Why? Gadget can charge when they are low battery while humans could not because according to study when someone skips to sleep we can’t ever get it back even you sleep too much in the next day. Sleeping habits is very important to make yourself fresh and healthy despite of the pandemic.

Give yourself a massage

In the evening, you can ask your partner or family member to massage you for you to relax and meditate for a while. It will help you reduce stress and colds from the body. Find time to massage your body because it will helps you to gain energy and make you feel better. And if you don’t want to bother someone, we have a massage gun that suits your needs very
well. You can check out one of
our best seller, Happygun Po Deep Tissue Massage Gun which is the best tool to self-care. Check our website for more information


Emotional self-care

Don’t lose hope! Always cheer ourselves. Despite of the pandemic we should be happy and be thankful to everything that we had now especially our lives. Avoid reading or watching movies and stories that makes you sad or cry like horror and drama instead watch and read some comedy or happy thoughts for you to be happy and satisfied in life. Give yourself a time to think about everything it helps you to make yourself calm.

Spiritual self-care is also essential to keep your faith in God. Not allowed to go outside? Well there’s a solution! Watch a holy mass in television or in Facebook. It doesn’t always mean that taking care our spiritual life is always about going to church every day. You can do it in your house or work. Always pray wherever you are. Don’t be shy because you are doing this for God. Pray when you wake up, before you sleep, before and after meal or in times of trouble. You can deepen your relationship to God by reading a bible and apply it in your everyday life. Always ask a guidance and security to God and be thankful in everything that you had.


Mental self-care is about allowing our mind to be free in any stress or problems. Don’t think too much because it might be the source of your unhealthy mind-set in life. Why don’t you try to yoga? I heard it helps our mind became healthy since were going to put away everything in your mind.  Give time yourself despite of your busy schedule. Always bring your stress reliever like your ointment for you to have something to smell, something soft that you can hold while you are free or something that makes you happy. It is one of the important aspect of our body since it brings your moods and emotions in the whole day.

Social self-care promotes interaction with other people for you to have someone’s to talk or to share things about yourself. This will be a great opportunity to us since we have nothing to do inside our house after the household chores. Make fun with your friends or workmates by using social media app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, Twitter and many more instead of going outside or having hangouts with them. Find some topic that can maintain your conversation for you to have a good and deep relationship with your friends.

Practical self-care is the best sword against stressful events and happenings in our lives. It is being organized in everything like creating a budget, making a planner or doing journals every day. To make you free from unexpected outcome always have a plan B and C in everything that you do for you to meet your target objective. Being organize will also lessen your burdens and avoid procrastination.

Now you have some idea how to take care of yourself, you may start today. Don’t push yourself, and do all of this in one day. Do it slowly, try to do 2 of them once a week, then add one or two for the next week, until you don’t realize you did all of them without an effort. It will become your regular habit. Remember by doing this you and your family will become safe and healthy.



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