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"I have the Happygun Pro and it is amazing!! Used it after a run and it really helped with not being sore the next day! My boyfriend and sister love it as well!! Everyone wanted to take a turn with it."

— Michelle Ellyse Schlaman

Fashion Model / Certified Health Coach

"I found a great massager, it makes no noise, it has excellent power when I start doing it, I have no desire to stop because it relaxes your body completely."

— Rafael Carioca

Black Belt 2 Degree

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a USA-registered massage gun company that ships worldwide.

We recommend using your HappyGun Deep-Tissue Massager for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. Do not exceed 10 minutes per session. Try to maintain 2-3 full sessions per day, depending on desired result.

Below are the recommended usage time for each muscle group, please do not use this device too longer on each body parts.

Shoulder Muscle Group - 15-25 seconds *3 times
Chest Muscle Group - 30 seconds
Back Muscle Group - 30-60 seconds *3 times
Buttock Muscle Group - 20-30 seconds *3 times
Hip Muscle Group - 30-60 seconds *4 times 

We are not medical experts and we can't give medical advice. However, you absolutely can use your Happygun on your body to help you get the benefit of relief, just please be advised to be careful not to use it in the area of the body with metal. Here is a helpful form we found in our research :

We are a team created out of the pleasure of seeing someone feel relief. We believe in the magic of quality massage because we have felt the benefits ourselves and we know this is something that makes a profound difference in our customers lives. Our company only exists because we are lucky to have people like you to call customers.

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